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Student Council

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Officers for 2014-2015

President: Chelsea Bourekas
Vice-President: Andrea Vega
Secretary: Skyler Vernon
Treasurer: Noah Rinehart
Public Relations: Lauren Merell

Social Media

For student information including Homecoming week updates, follow us on twitter: @StCloudHSstuco

Meeting Dates:

The 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month during PAWS in the Media Center.

Club Infomation

Student Government is open to all grade levels. Members participate in school and community service projects and represent the student body. They plan and coordinate Homecoming Spirit Week activities, the half time presentation, and the Homecoming Dance. Contact club sponsors to join, or attend a meeting.

Spirit Dress Days:(on any of these days NO BASEBALL HATS or FLIP FLOPS are to be worn. You must be in an OBVIOUS costume if dressing up for any of these days! )
Monday: Superhero/Villian Day
Tuesday: Favorite "Musician/Group" Day
Wednesday: Class Color Wars
Thursday: Twin Day/Famous Pairs
Friday: Bulldog Spirit Day

Lunch Competitions:
Monday: Chubby Bunny
Tuesday: Water Balloon Toss
Wednesday: 4 Man Relay
Thursday: "Mystery Game"
Friday: Human Chain

Homecoming Dance Form

Are you bringing someone from a different school to our Homecoming Dance? Get your guest form here!


Article 1: Name
The organization shall be known as the St. Cloud High School Student Government.

Article II: Purpose
The purpose of this organization shall be:
A.To establish better communication with the student body, faculty & administration.
B. To develop leadership qualities and organizational skills within the membership.
C. To promote the general welfare of the school and the community.
D. To exemplify excellence in effort, conduct & school involvement.

Article III: Membership
The Student Government membership shall consist of no more than 110 members. A. The Student Government membership shall include the Student Body President, Student Body, Vice-President, Student Body Secretary, Student Body Treasurer and Student Body Public Relations Officer.
B. The Student Government membership shall include five (5) class officers from each grade. 1. Class officers from grades 10, 11, and 12 shall be elected by their respective grades before May 1 of each year.
2. Class officers from grade 9 shall be elected by their respective grade before September 15.of each year. (amended 4/17/07)
C. Members may be appointed by the advisor/s, not to exceed the member maximum.
D. A vacancy on the Student Government or class office (amended 4/13/10) MAY be filled by the student who was next in line in the election results or the advisor/s may appoint someone or hold a special election. 1. If a member can no longer participate before April 1 of any given year, the ballots from the most recent election can be examined to select the next highest vote getter. If this is not possible, the advisor MAY appoint someone or hold a special election within the class involved. (ratified 2/18/03)
2. If an officer is no longer participating, the procedure will be : Vacancy of President filled by Vice-President who acts in full capacity; Vacancy of other positions is filled by an appointee selected by the sponsor/s. (ratified 4/13/10)
E. Any member who misses (3) unexcused meetings (or club sponsored activities) throughout the year will be place on probation from the Student Government for the remainder of the year. On the fourth infraction the student will be removed. 1. When a student is removed from the Student Government, she or he is also removed from any other Student Government position (i.e. class officer).
2. An absence may be excused at the discretion of the advisors.
3. A minimum number of hours to remain in the Student Government will be determined after Homecoming by the sponsor(s). At that time members not meeting the minimum requirements.will be issued removal letters. (ratified 2/18/03)
4. Any member removed from Student Government will be ineligible to run for a Student Council or class office for the next school year. (ratified 4/17/07)
F. Impeachment and Removal from office 1. Any failure on the part of a Student Council officer to execute his/her duties is considered sufficient basis for removal from office.
2. Representatives may be removed for like cause.
3. The advisor shall determine the cause and method of removal.
4. Any Student council officer or Class representative removed from office is ineligible to run for office for Student Government or Class representative for the following year. (ratified 4/17/07)
G. Any Student Government member who is suspended from school may be removed from the Student Government for the remainder of the school year or at the discretion of the advisor.
H. For failure to carry out his or her duties, a member may be removed by 2/3 vote of the Executive Board.

Article IV: Officers
A. The Student Government membership shall include the offices of Student Body President, Student Body Vice-President, Student Body Secretary, Student Body Treasurer and Student Body Public Relations Officer. 1. The President: a. shall be a Senior or Junior with at least one year of Student Government officer experience;
b. shall preside at the Student Council and Executive meetings;
c. shall appoint temporary and standing committees with the consent of the council;
d. shall construct agenda.
e. shall maintain the agenda book and conduct all Executive Committee meetings.
2. The Vice-President: a. shall be a Senior or Junior with at least one year of Student Government office experience;
b. shall assume the duties of the president in the event that he/she is absent or incapacitated for any reasons;
c. shall implement and update the point system for the membership program;
d. shall be elected from the student body by May 15 and do not have to run for re-election to the Student Government.
3. The Recording/Corresponding Secretary: a. shall be from grades 10, 11, or 12 with at least one year of Student Government experience;
b. shall record the minutes of each Student Council meeting or any other meeting called by the President and post minutes at the president's direction;
c. shall post minutes within two days of the school days of the meeting, if appropriate;
d. shall be able to type and be computer literate;
e. shall maintain all records of membership, attendance, and participation in the council computer and publish and post them quarterly;
f. shall provide each officer a list of current members including phone numbers and email addresses.
4. The Treasurer: a. shall be from grades 10, 11, or 12 with at least one year of Student Government experience;
b. shall report the status of the Council's accounts when asked;
c. shall collect all Council funds and make sure they are recorded on the ledger;
5. Public Relations: (ratified 4/17/07)
a. shall be from grades 10, 11, or 12 with at least one year of Student Government experience;
b. shall advertise meetings and other Student Government events;
c. work closely with the Recording/Corresponding secretary to keep all members up to date onclub activities;
d. other duties to be assigned by Sponsors.
B. If there are no students with Student Government experience running for a SGA office, a student without SGA experience may be appointed by the advisor.
C. The officers and the advisors shall be know as the Executive Board.
D. Officers can be recalled/removed by a petition, with the approval of the sponsors & signed by 2/3 of the Student Government. (amended 4/13/10)

Article V: Elections
A. If a Student Body or Class Officer candidate does not receive a quorum (consisting of 51% of the ballots received), a run-off will be held between the top two vote getters.
B. The run-off will consist of votes cast by the active members of the Student Government Association attending the meeting held for the run-off.
C. In the event of a tie, the candidate with the most votes in the initial election will be named to their respective office.
D. Qualifications for student government or class officers
1. A 3.0 overall Grade Point Average or at the discretion of the advisor.
2. Present on St. Cloud High School campus at least one hour a day.(ratified 2/19/08)
3. Any student placed on probation or removed from Student Government may not run for an office.
4. Senior class officers must attend all Senior Class officer meetings, senior class meetings, and Student Council meetings. (ratified 2/19/08)
5. Senior class officers that fail to attend a scheduled meeting for Senior class officers, Senior class meetings, or student council and does not have a prearranged excuse, may be removed from office. Their removal will be at the discretion of the class sponsor and the student council sponsor(s). (ratified 2/19/08)
6. No officer will be excused from a meeting due to a class offered off of SCHS campus. (ratified 2/19/08)
E. Election Procedure 1. Candidates for Student Council and Class Representative shall attend a mandatory meeting to be held the week before petitions circulate. (amended 4/17/07)
2. Candidates for Student Council and Class offices shall turn in a petition signed by 20 classmates, an application, a teacher recommendation and a signed contract by the date specified by the Sponsor/sponsors.

Article VI: Meetings
A. The Student Government shall meet twice a month from September through May. The meeting will be held during the first and third Tuesday of each month.
B. The President and/or advisor/s may call special meetings whenever necessary or deem meetings unnecessary at their discretion.
C. One half, plus one member of those attending a meeting and the faculty advisor/s shall constitute a quorum.

Article VII: Powers and Duties
A. To act as a barometer of the student opinion.
B. To discuss any concerns of the student body, and to initiate action.
C. To promote involvement in school activities.
D. To sponsor assembly programs.
E. To organize and promote general and special elections.

Article VIII: Amendments and Ratifications
A. The constitution may be revised or amended by a 2/3 vote of the quorum of the Student Government. (amended 4/17/07)
B. Any proposed amendment to the constitution must be typed in its entirety and included in the agenda of the meeting which the vote is taken.


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